Introducing QBRICS

Enterprise Blockchain Platform

The solution for network agnostic data collaboration.

Unfettered Enterprise Interoperability

Secure data collaboration with any private enterprise blockchain irrespective of underlying fabric.

Mobilize Dynamic Consortiums

Quickly scale cooperative efforts with partners, clients, vendors and even competitors.

Reduce Integration Dependencies

Reduce implementation costs with integrated standards compliant encryption.

Secure IoT Vulnerabilities

Tamper proof ID integrity for IoT units and securely transmit trustworthy data .

Personalize Access Control

Define rule based, auditable and flexible access control to blockchain data.

Delegate Smart Contracts

Automate business processes and quickly adapt to regulatory compliance issues.

Our Team

Rakesh Ramachandran

Rakesh Ramachandran

Co-Founder, CEO
Rajiv Chandran

Rajiv Chandran

Co-Founder, CTO


Contact Information

| US: +1 (209) 787-9580 | India: +91-952 657 9443|
Global locations:
Park City, UT USA
Bangalore, India